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Getting Started
Getting Started

How to setup a custom domain

How do account limits work?

We charge based on email providers added. So what are email provides and what are team members and how do these limits differ?

Email providers:
These are email addresses or alias email addresses that you add to your account for warm-up and/or campaign sending. These are the emails you use to send your campaigns. These are the email slots you purchase for $29/$39/per month per email.

If you have an account with 10 email slots that means you have a 10x account. These email slots you can add or remove emails from at any time. You pay for the slot,... (More)

One-Time VS On-going campaigns!

It's great to have options, but it's better to know what each option can be best used for! We recently rolled out campaign options for one-time vs ongoing campaigns.

One-time Campaigns

One-time campaigns are campaigns that you send to a single list once. That means if this campaign has 1 step, 5 steps or 10 steps for follow-up and you have a list of 100 people, once these 100 people cycle through all steps the campaign will shut down. Meaning you won't be able to add more prospects or change anything.

Use cases?

  • Sending Out an email blast
  • Updating users... (More)

Connecting GSuite & Google

Connecting an email provider is very simple. If you are using a standard Gmail or a GSuite with your custom domain you can follow the steps below.

Add Email Provider

Head over to the email providers menu option on the left and click the sign in with Google button.

From here the process is simply the google sign-in flow. Allow permissions and your account will be set up.

Enable Reply Tracking

To enable tracking click the enable tracking button and follow the on-screen prompts.

Ensure you have 2FA (two-factor authentication) enabled on your account.

You can then create an app... (More)