Connecting an email provider is very simple. If you are using a standard Gmail or a GSuite with your custom domain you can follow the steps below.

Add Email Provider

Head over to the email providers menu option on the left and click the sign in with Google button.

From here the process is simply the google sign-in flow. Allow permissions and your account will be set up.

Enable Reply Tracking

To enable tracking click the enable tracking button and follow the on-screen prompts.

Ensure you have 2FA (two-factor authentication) enabled on your account.

You can then create an app password. Here is a short gif to help you along the way!


Enable Warm-up

Enabling warm-up for your email is actually much easier than you think!


  • Click on the enable warm-up button
  • Set your Interactions Per Day settings (up to 40/day is the max and default)
  • Set your reply rate settings (30% is the recommended setting)

Here is how this setting popup looks

Once you have these steps completed you are ready to go!

What happens next?

The system will automatically start ramping up emails for warm-up sending. It starts with 2 a day then 4, 6, etc all the way up to the maximum 40/day per email. The replies and sending are completely automatic!