When you enable warm-up in your account with OutReachBin your emails become a part of our warm-up network.

That means that it becomes a node that sends and receives emails from others within the network. Other users like you who are also looking to warm-up their emails.

But what happens exactly?

When you enable warm up the system starts sending emails from your email to others in the network. It starts with 1,2,4,6,8......all the way up to 40 per day. These numbers increase day by day gradually. The system also sends replies to your inbox from other emails in the network.

What does our system do exactly besides sending and receiving?

We track where your emails are landing, which folder, spam, or inbox. If emails land in spam our system will move them from spam to inbox and mark them important thereby providing positive interactions and signals. These steps help in increasing your email reputation. This is why it's critical to set up reply tracking after adding your emails.

So once I hit enable warm up what do I have to do?

From the warm-up side, you don't have to do anything! You should however create a filter for emails with OutreachBin in the subject line. Create a folder for these emails and a filter that automatically pushes them to that folder. This will help keep your inbox clutter-free.