It's great to have options, but it's better to know what each option can be best used for! We recently rolled out campaign options for one-time vs ongoing campaigns. 

One-time Campaigns 

One-time campaigns are campaigns that you send to a single list once. That means if this campaign has 1 step, 5 steps or 10 steps for follow-up and you have a list of 100 people, once these 100 people cycle through all steps the campaign will shut down. Meaning you won't be able to add more prospects or change anything. 

Use cases?

  • Sending Out an email blast 
  • Updating users on new features
  • Sending a single email out to a specific list 
  • Putting a specific list through a series of onboarding or follow up emails


Now you wondering if a one-time campaign solves all these issues why do we even need ongoing campaigns? 

On-going Campaigns.

These are superhero campaigns, regardless of how many steps you have in them or the size of your list they remain active. This means that if you set up a campaign today with 3 steps for your list of car dealerships or dentists, and your current lists cycles through all steps you can come back 2 months from now and upload another list of emails to the prospect section and those too will follow the same sequence. It's an evergreen campaign!

Use cases? 

  • Email-based courses 
  • Email autoresponders
  • Opt-in box or option form -> email campaign
  • Onboarding emails 
  • Weekly emails to new users
  • Way too many use cases to list them all!

So how can you really use these ongoing campaigns to their full extent? Using webhooks! Webhooks allow you to automate adding emails to a specific ongoing campaign they also allow you to push replies to your CRM of choice! All automatically!

You can find more information on using webhooks here.