Both SPF and DKIm records are critical to your setup to ensure an increase in your domain reputation. But how do you set them up and where?

Both SPF and DKIM are records that you set up with your DNS provider usually where you bought your domain.

Setup for Email addresses

Because OutReachBin uses your email provider to send emails, when you connect a email address to our system we use the standard Gmail records. The great news here is that there is nothing needed for you to set up! Google has already done this for you!

Setup for GSuite

If you are using your custom domain set up through GSuite you do have to configure your SPF & DKIM records.

But don't worry it's super simple!

For SPF you can follow this guide provided by google!

For DKIM you can follow this guide provided by google!

If you ever get stuck, need help, or just want to say hi we are always here, just click on the support chat button in your dashboard or reach out to us via email!