You might notice a new status next to your emails on the email provider page. This status helps give you an idea of how your email connection is performing and what actions you need to take if any.

Token issue:

This status means that you need to sign in again. All you have to do is click the sign-in with the Google button. You do NOT need to unlink your email. Once you sign in again with google refresh and take a look at your email status which should now be live.

Password Issue:

Password status means that the password you entered is incorrect or not connecting.

SMTP: If you have an SMTP connection and are seeing this error please double check your password and ensure you are not using an autofill with your browser which could cause issues.

Google: If you have a google gmail or gsuite please ensure you are using your APP passwords and not your email password. You can find instructions on how to get your APP password here.

if you are facing a password issue:

  • click enable tracking
  • enter all your details again manually do not use autofill from the browser
  • generate an APP password (gsuite and google) using the instructions provided in the popup make sure each account uses a different app password. This is NOT your normal gmail password.
  • Make sure you do** not** unlink your account.
  • Once done click save and refresh.