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Email Warm Up
Email Warm Up
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How to setup a custom domain

Enable Warm-up

Enabling warm-up for your email is actually much easier than you think!

Click on the enable warm-up button

Set your Interactions Per Day settings (up to 40/day is the max and default)

Set your reply rate settings (30% is the recommended setting)

Here is how this setting popup looks

Once you have these steps completed you are ready to go!

What happens next?

The system will automatically start ramping up emails for warm-up sending. It starts with 2 a day then 4, 6, etc all the way up to the maximum 40/day per email. The replies and sending are completely... (More)

How does warm-up work?

When you enable warm-up in your account with OutReachBin your emails become a part of our warm-up network.

That means that it becomes a node that sends and receives emails from others within the network. Other users like you who are also looking to warm-up their emails.

But what happens exactly?

When you enable warm up the system starts sending emails from your email to others in the network. It starts with 1,2,4,6,8......all the way up to 40 per day. These numbers increase day by day gradually. The system also sends replies to your inbox from other emails in the... (More)

What does my email status mean?

You might notice a new status next to your emails on the email provider page. This status helps give you an idea of how your email connection is performing and what actions you need to take if any.

Token issue:

This status means that you need to sign in again. All you have to do is click the sign-in with the Google button. You do NOT need to unlink your email. Once you sign in again with google refresh and take a look at your email status which should now be live.

Password Issue:

Password status means that the password... (More)