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What is " no tutoring your sends from email domain for best deliverability"?
just added a team member(my 2nd email id) in my outreach account and deleted myself( 1st email/ main user) from the team after that I am not able to login using my both emails

How to setup a custom domain

How do account limits work?

We charge based on email providers added. So what are email provides and what are team members and how do these limits differ?

Email providers:
These are email addresses or alias email addresses that you add to your account for warm-up and/or campaign sending. These are the emails you use to send your campaigns. These are the email slots you purchase for $29/$39/per month per email.

If you have an account with 10 email slots that means you have a 10x account. These email slots you can add or remove emails from at any time. You pay for the slot,... (More)