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How can I swap out emails?

Yes, you can! Swapping out emails is very easy!

You first have to unlink your email from your account and then link your new one.

To unlink an email head over to the email providers menu and find the row with the email you would like to unlink and click the unlink button.

You might first have to disable warm-up before unlinking so be sure to do that if you had email warm-up enabled previously

Now you can add another email by clicking the sign-in with Google button.

How to Enable Reply Tracking

o enable tracking click the enable tracking button and follow the on-screen prompts.

Ensure you have 2FA (two-factor authentication) enabled on your account.

Setup SPF & DKIM Records

Both SPF and DKIm records are critical to your setup to ensure an increase in your domain reputation. But how do you set them up and where?

Both SPF and DKIM are records that you set up with your DNS provider usually where you bought your domain.

Setup for Email addresses

Because OutReachBin uses your email provider to send emails, when you connect a email address to our system we use the standard Gmail records. The great news here is that there is nothing needed for you to set up! Google has already done this for you!

Setup... (More)

How to add team members?